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Why a Restoration Contractor is the Solution to Home Inspection Problems

home with for sale sign out front

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home? Maybe you’re in the real estate market and have had deals fall apart after the home inspection. Many real estate transactions end right after the home inspection because buyers want the sellers to repair all (or most) of the issues uncovered during the inspection report.  On […]

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Flood Insurance in Central Kansas – Is it Necessary?

flood insurance paper policy

In Kansas, we experience all types of weather from cold winters to hot summers and everything in between. Spring can bring about heavy rains and melting snow, and fall can produce some nasty thunderstorms.  In areas like McPherson and Manhattan, we have to be prepared for what the weather can bring at any given moment […]

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Does Attic Mold Need to be Removed?

wooden attic ceiling with mold growth and damage

Mold anywhere in your home shouldn’t be ignored. Attic mold is no exception to this rule, regardless of how long it goes unnoticed. Attic mold, even in an unused place such as your attic, can cause health issues to those living in your home if the mold is left untreated. Calling in a professional mold […]

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Should You Repair Foundation Issues in Winter? Absolutely!

water damage restoration salina, water damage repair salina, water damage cleanup salina,

Have you noticed that the foundation of your home is in need of repair? Or maybe you’ve suspected that there’s a problem but haven’t figured out the best time to fix the issue, and now with winter in full force it doesn’t seem like the proper time to tackle any foundation repairs. Here’s the thing […]

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Ready to Purchase Homeowners Insurance? Make Sure It Includes Protection Against Mold!

homeowners insurance policy paperwork

Have you recently purchased a home and are now ready to insure your new home? There are the standard coverages like fire, theft, flooding, etc. But what if mold is found in areas of your home? Is mold covered in your new policy? Chances are…it’s probably not. Mold damage in your home can be extremely […]

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