Bad Customers service stories … as if we need to hear any!

Last week we went over 5 points in giving good Customers service.  This week I thought it would be fun (and worth a ‘can you believe it’ head shake) to give you a few examples of unbelievably BAD service.

No one has to be trained really, in what constitutes bad manners or bad service.  But sometimes you wonder…

Would you like a side of whiskers with that? 

A group of friends were enjoying dinner together when a mouse darted out from between two booths.  They brought it to the attention of the waiter who responded with “That’s cool” and asked what they’d like done about it.  The manager was called in and acknowledged the infestation with the explanation that ‘all restaurants have mice whether you see them or not.’  He then proceeded to let them know while he would pay for their meal, there was nothing more he could do about it.  Is there any surprise the Customers left, never to return?

Health and safety issues are taken seriously by the majority of Customers.  These folks wanted more than a refund, they wanted to be reassured that the business was taking every possible precaution to prevent infestations and unsanitary conditions.  The ambivalent attitude of the employee showed where the restaurant’s priorities were!

Can ya hang on a sec?… 

A Customer was checking out at a local discount store.  The cashier dropped one of the items she was purchasing, and continued checking out while grabbing the phone.  The Customers tried to bring it to her attention only to be given the “I’ll get back with you in a minute” look and the index finger held up.  Was this another Customers?  No, it was her boyfriend!

Customer service dictates that the current Customers in front of you be given your full attention.  Those waiting can be politely acknowledged and asked to wait.  For an employee to prioritize this way is inexcusable.

There are thousands of bad examples out there and at times they seem to overshadow the good ones.  However, those of us who pride ourselves on good service will always be striving to train, train, train our employees to show the kind of consideration and courtesy that go a long way to not only help our business flourish, but create good community relations in the long run!

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