Why Choose a Professional Water Restoration Company?

When a homeowner experiences a water loss, the first thought is to ‘get a wet/dry vac, some towels and a fan.’  Is that all that is needed?  Is this idea of hiring a restoration or remediation company just another scam?  Is it overkill and you can really just do it yourself?  Consider a few points […]

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How Can You Tell if it’s Wet?

It’s pretty easy to spot wet carpet; we don’t even need to touch something that we can see is wet.  Sometimes in the middle of the night you yourself may have even had the unfortunate experience of stepping in a wet spot on the tile or carpet, and you hope it’s just water and not […]

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What are Hidden Signs of Water Damage?

If you have ever experienced a water intrusion in your home or office, it’s safe to say that it was a stressful experience.  No one wants the headache of dealing with wet carpets, walls, and furniture. Hopefully, you called a professional water restoration company, like Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair. We’ve received many phone […]

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