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Can Bleach Be Used to Properly Clean up Mold?

We recently attended a class in forensic clean up.  In the class the instructor made the comment that bleach has lost it’s rating as a sporicide.  That led me to think:  Bleach has been used for so long by homeowners as a quick and easy mold killer – you mean it isn’t effective at ALL?  […]

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Why Choose a Professional Water Restoration Company?

When a homeowner experiences a water loss, the first thought is to ‘get a wet/dry vac, some towels and a fan.’  Is that all that is needed?  Is this idea of hiring a restoration or remediation company just another scam?  Is it overkill and you can really just do it yourself?  Consider a few points […]

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How to Remove Black Mold Safely – and by Yourself

The words “Black Mold” can stir all sorts of scary thoughts.  Some people will not want to do anything, leaving it all to a professional – and that’s ok – and then you have others who want to do it all themselves.  Is there a happy medium?  The research I’ve done on line all seem […]

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