Hardwood flooring and water damage

Homeowners who enjoy hardwood floors have a gamble on their hands…what’s going to happen to their gorgeous floor if the plumbing fails?  As we will see, this isn’t something that is taken care of so quickly or easily.

When moisture enters the wood floor from above, it seeps between the wood and the sub-floor.  As the top of the wood dries out – more rapidly than the bottom, where the water is trapped – cupping occurs. If the cupped wood is sanded, the floor will initially appear flat.  Yet the bottom of the wood, remaining damp, is still cupped.  When the bottom of the wood eventually dries, it flattens, leaving the top of the wood crowned.

Now, what do you do to avoid that scenario?  Call a good restoration company – this is not something that you can do yourself with a house fan and a wet-dry vac!  When they arrive they will first locate and mark the wet areas.  Next they will extract the excess water with specialized drying mats and vacuums.  These mats will be secured and drying equipment will be brought in to replace the vacuums.  Then the wet area, still with the drying mats and heaters in place, is tented and dehumidified.  As you see, this takes time and some effort.  However, your floors were expensive to purchase and install!  Make sure you hire professionals that can give you and your floors the care they deserve!
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