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Lamunyon offers comprehensive mold testing and inspections, removal, and remediation for both residential and commercial properties. If you have found surface mold, or suspect mold growth in your property, Lamunyon will respond quickly to remove the mold and prevent future mold growth. Mold is commonly found in attics, basements, and crawlspaces but can be present in any area of the home. Call us to schedule professional mold services you can rely on today!

If your property has signs of a mold problem, our expert team can provide superior mold testing and inspections to determine the extent of the problem. Our experts are extensively trained in safe and effective mold removal and offer services to our local residents.

Lamunyon uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology to determine the source of your mold problem and eliminate it for good. Mold is often caused by a water-related problem in your home or business. Once the source of the mold is contained, our team can successfully clean and remove the mold, and take preventative measures against future mold growth. Our team is committed to educating you, as a property owner, so that you can take the necessary measures to prevent potential future mold problems.

Causes For Mold Growth

It is common knowledge that moisture is a key factor in mold growth. Attics, basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms are common places for mold to grow because the potential for moisture build-up in these areas is strong. But, mold also needs a humid climate to thrive. Elevated humidity levels mixed with moisture will allow mold to grow on walls, ceilings, flooring, carpets, and more.

Ideal Conditions For Mold Growth:

  • High humidity and poor ventilation
  • Low foot traffic – (moisture and mold go unnoticed for a good length of time)
  • Food – (carpets, wood, drywall, etc.)
  • Unaddressed leaks into the property

Why Do I Need A Professional?

Home and business owners are often tempted to use store-bought chemicals and DIY methods of mold cleaning to get rid of mold from their properties. However, these methods DO NOT eliminate mold and without professional mold remediation, your property will not be safe from the hazardous effects of mold growth.

Mold experts use industry level equipment, mold extraction methods, and cleaning agents to make sure mold is safely contained and removed from the property. Extensive education and experience are needed to properly inspect, test, and remediate mold inside homes and businesses. Without successfully eliminating the source of the mold growth, your property and occupants will continue to suffer from the hazardous effects of mold.

Why Do I Need A Professional?

Superior mold inspections by our professionals allow us to determine if there is a mold problem, the extent of the problem, the source of the mold growth, and how to eliminate the cause of the mold and the mold spores. We can also plan preventative measures to prevent future mold from growing.

Step 1: Visual Examination – A comprehensive visual analysis is first used to analyze your property. Our expert inspectors will be able to spot any visible signs of mold and any conditions that would allow mold to grow.

Step 2: Moisture Mapping – Moisture mapping is a powerful tool that allows our mold inspectors to map out the wet/damp areas in your property to find out where the moisture is coming from, where it ends, and all of the areas in between that could be affected.

Step 3: Moisture Metering – Moisture meters can read the moisture content of the building materials. Porous materials can trap moisture inside building materials for a long time, completely unnoticed.

Step 4: Thermal Imaging – Thermal imaging allows our inspectors to identify the wet areas in your building and the pattern that mold growth is following. This technique can detect temperature differences between wet and dry materials in the building using state-of-the-art cameras.

Step 5: Professional Mold Testing – Our inspector takes samples of surfaces and air quality to test for the presence of mold. This data-specific sampling also allows us to determine the type of mold and how much of it is present.

Step 6: Final Reporting – The results of our inspection and testing process will be finalized and presented to property owners in a detailed and easy-to-read report that outlines the inspection process, initial and data-specific findings, and the appropriate steps to take to successfully remove and remediate the property.


Mold can be severely hazardous to the health of many individuals. Mold removal by professionals can keep your family and employees healthier!
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