Recovering from a Flood at Your Business

It’s early Monday morning and your manager arrives at your Kansas business to find five inches of standing water. Every inch of your business has flooded due to a pipe that burst for some unexplained reason in the ceiling. The store rooms, the front office, the filing cabinets, the computers, you name it, it’s wet. This is where Lamunyon Cleaning & Restoration in Manhattan, KS can help. With hundreds of air movers, dehumidifiers, and other drying equipment at our facility, we can be at your business quickly to start the drying process. Depending on the size of the loss, Lamunyon is prepared to handle drying out a large space thanks to four DryAir trailers for speed drying. Urgency and equipment are major components to handling commercial water losses. Once on site, the crew will do a walkthrough to determine the scope of the damage and the equipment, disinfectants, and other items that will be needed during the restoration process. Taking a look at the flooring, the estimator will check to see if the water has seeped through the carpet padding and into the subfloor. Does any of the subfloor need to be replaced? How do the vinyl, concrete, or hardwood floors look? Special equipment can be used to extract as much water as possible from all of these surfaces before the actual drying process begins. There are a variety of drying technologies available to dry out flooring in a matter of days or sometimes even hours. Large fans, dehumidifiers, and other equipment will be placed strategically throughout the space to effectively finish the drying process as quickly and efficiently as possible. The crews will also take a look at the walls, and take measurements with a moisture meter to determine the saturation level. If water has seeped into a wall cavity, technicians will be able to use special thermal imaging cameras to see temperature differences below the surface, offering an indication of where water might be present. Thankfully, just because a wall is wet does not mean it has to be torn out every single time. Thanks to innovations in drying technology, restorers can effectively dry spaces you can’t see. When the drying is complete, they can show you on that camera again the new temperature, which should match that of the rest of the wall. Restoration companies use a variety of technological tools like this to ensure a space is completely dry before packing up for the next job. If the water has been sitting for several days, they will also carefully check for any mold growth which will need to be properly removed during the restoration process. There is some good news regarding all the items in your business. The chairs, desks, and other furniture can likely be cleaned and restored to their pre-loss condition. The goal of any quality restoration contractor is to return everything to the state it was in before the water loss, if not in even better condition. If your Manhattan-area business is dealing with a water loss, Lamunyon can help.

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