What are Hidden Signs of Water Damage?

If you have ever experienced a water intrusion in your home or office, it’s safe to say that it was a stressful experience.  No one wants the headache of dealing with wet carpets, walls, and furniture. Hopefully, you called a professional water restoration company, like Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair.

We’ve received many phone calls over the years from panicked home or business owners after they’ve tried drying the water themselves, only then to realize they are in way over their heads.  One of the many reasons why a professional is needed is because of the hidden signs of water damage when it’s incorrectly dried out.

Although it’s possible that walls and ceilings may appear dry after water damage occurs, in most cases, the water has entered from behind the walls. Using a moisture meter is very important to detect any moisture.  If it is behind the walls, there’s almost a 100% guarantee that mold will grow in the very near future (often within 36 to 72 hours). Unknown wet insulation is also a great place for odors and mold growth.

Please don’t forget that water can damage computers as well. Office equipment, paper files, furniture, artwork, and musical instruments all might appear dry on the outside but could contain unwanted moisture creating future permanent damage. Call Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair at 877-346-4950 to assist you with water damage restoration in Central and North Central Kansas. 

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