Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Repair Water Damage Yourself

So you walk down the stairs into the basement and behold this horrific sight. After the screaming stops and you start breathing again, what do you do? Should you immediately grab your shop vac and call all family and friends who owe you a favor? Or is it safer, and in many cases, less expensive to call a professional restoration company after water damage occurs? If you guessed the latter, you’re correct!

Here’s the top 3 reasons you should immediately reach for the phone for professional water damage restoration:

1.  Safety is first and foremost.  If the flooding is not from a clean water source, dealing with raw sewage is very dangerous without the proper equipment and training. Mold can also easily grow when walls, floors, and trim aren’t completely dried. Why endanger the health of your family by taking the chance and drying it yourself?

2.  Save money! Most people don’t realize how much money can be saved when a professional restoration company is called immediately after a water intrusion.  Trying to dry the area yourself can often result in having to replace drywall and flooring later.

3.  Peace of mind is so important. By hiring a professional like Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair, you’re putting the health and safety of your family first. Also, you’re preserving the appearance of the carpet and furniture.  You can be confident that an experienced, qualified professional is restoring yourvaluable furnishings.

Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair has been a trusted professional serving Central and North Central Kansas for over 30 years.

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