Why Are My Basement Walls Bowing?

Barring an unconventional, artistic approach to home design, walls are meant to be flat and level. When walls begin to round out–or “bow”–there’s likely something more problematic happening to the structure of your home.

Bowed Basement Walls

While any wall has the potential to bow, bowing most commonly occurs in basement walls, which in turn can weaken the entire structure of your home–not just the basement. When foundation walls appear to be bending or leaning, it is typically caused by hydrostatic pressure. In layman’s terms, that means the soil surrounding your basement foundation is holding excess water and creating a natural force on the exterior of your concrete. That force has the power to allow water to seep into cracks naturally formed in the concrete, as well as create enough pressure to cause walls to buckle, bulge, or bow.

Bowed Basement Wall Repair Options

If you want to stop a basement wall from further bowing (or prevent it altogether), the solution is to remove the standing water pressure source entirely. That may seem as though a complete foundation replacement is necessary, but the good news is that’s not so. In fact, replacing a foundation wall is pointless if the problem creating the bowing is not first addressed. This can include standing water, incorrect basement waterproofing, or a lack of appropriate drainage. When hydrostatic pressure is the culprit, treating the source of the problem using the following options can be an effective and efficient means for reversing bowing basement walls back to the flat shape they should be in.  

  • Wall anchors: This engineered method has been proven to stabilize and strengthen a bowing basement wall, no matter what its material: concrete, tile, or cinder block. The wall plate anchors are installed deep into the earth restoring lateral strength while also allowing you to pull the wall straight using the natural expansion and contraction of the soil.
  • Wall support system: In tandem to wall anchors, an additional wall support system can be used for adding stability to a previously bowed wall.
  • Carbon fiber wall support: Requiring no digging into the yard, carbon fiber straps are quick and clean to install on both block and poured foundation wall. The strong straps  tie the foundation base to the house framing and are secured on both the top with a sill plate and at the bottom in the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin. This system won’t deteriorate over time and ensures lasting control of the pressure from the outside.

All of these methods have been proven to counteract hydrostatic pressure and are cost-effective options for repairing your bowing walls. And with no disturbance to your surrounding landscape, a bowing basement wall doesn’t have to be a scary, overwhelming project threatening to disrupt your daily life and budget.

Call Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair Today for Bowing Basement Wall Repairs

Do your basement walls look to be bending or leaning? You might have a bowed wall problem on your hands – yikes! Call Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair today for a free estimate and consultation.

Is a Warranty offered on Basement Foundation Repair?

Yes! Lamunyon proudly offers a 25 year warranty on basement foundation repair anchoring, waler wall support systems and carbon fiber support systems. Our warranties are also transferable, so you have future peace of mind too. Don’t hesitate to ask your specialist for further details, or call us today.

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