Importance Of Prompt Mold Removal

When homeowners in Salina hear the word ‘mold,’ many don’t know how to respond. The problem with mold is that, while it is very common, it is also very serious....

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Do You Suspect A Basement Water Problem?

Kansas homes can easily develop moisture problems. Water in the basement can lead to mold, musty smells, damaged walls and floors, and ruined furniture and belongings. It's necessary to get...

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Water Damage Restoration For Your Spare Bathroom

A large proportion of your home's water gets used in the bathrooms. In most homes, the shower, tub, toilet, and sink get used on a daily basis. With kids and...

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Importance Of Basement Waterproofing

It first appears as a tiny trickle or small puddle. Perhaps you first notice a lingering musty smell. Moisture in your basement can lead to an array of costly and...

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Water Damage Restoration Tips When Water Leaves The Bathroom

Bathtub or shower leaks are wasteful and become very expensive to correct. How can you find the leak in your tub or shower enclosure? Here are a few steps you...

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What Is Mold And How Is The Removal Process?

Everyone has heard of it. It usually has a bad connotation connected to it (for a good reason, too, at least if it’s found in your home, that is). When...

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The Importance of Waterproofing Your Basement

  One of the biggest intruders to your basement is water. Water is a tricky thing and can sneak into unwanted places. Basements are a great place for water to...

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Mold Removal Specialists: The Masters Of Seeking Out Mold

There is something in your Salina home that is the master of hiding. It usually hides in places you do not often look, or forget about until it is almost...

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Is Removing Mold Dangerous For Manhattan Homeowners?

Finding water damage in your home should trigger many concerns. Mold growth in your home is a major worry and must be handled quickly before an even bigger issue develops....

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Water Damage Restoration: When It’s A Must

Finding water damage in your home or business is very unsettling. What is even worse? Not finding water damage until it has become a very serious problem. Hidden water damage...

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