Common Mistakes When Dealing With Mold Removal

Oftentimes when someone hears the word “mold,” they immediately cringe and turn up their nose. It’s true it’s a big deal and not a pleasant discussion. However, these issues usually begin because people do not take the proper steps to protect their homes. Professional mold removal teams, like those at Lamunyon, located in Salina, state that they have found that many individuals make some pretty severe mistakes that cause the need for a removal team to come into their homes. Here are just a few examples: 

  1. Not being aware of potential leaks in your home that could lead to mold: it seems like common sense for someone to fix a hole when they see one. However, many times, leaks go unnoticed, or perhaps the individual believes that the problem will fix itself. When this happens, standing water will come into play and cause problems. These leaks become great spots for mold to begin to grow, as mold can start growing within 24 hours.
  2. Not doing an inspection every so often: just like the importance of doing the basic maintenance on your home appliances and vehicles, inspecting your home for potential mold growth is extremely important. Watching things like humidity levels, musty odors, roof leaks, and discoloration on walls or ceilings are just a few examples of inspections that you should do regularly. 
  3. Not listening to what your natural instincts are telling you: sometimes, our body can tell something is wrong before the walls and floors of our home can show us. When you notice a smell or strange odor in your home, it is a pretty good indication that mold has started to grow. When mold has grown out of control, it can cause health issues. It is important to take care of your health and take precautions.
  4. Not doing your research on the correct sources: when mold is mentioned, there seems to be a lot of differing opinions on how to handle it and the best way to remove it. However, while these opinions may be valid, it is very important to talk to a professional removal team for any questions you may have about it. They are specialized in these issues and will be able to handle the removal process better than anyone else. 

Whenever you find mold, knowing who to contact and how to handle the situation is very important. Contacting a professional mold removal team, like those at Lamunyon, is a great first move. Here are a few examples of what they will look for: 

  1. High Humidity
  2. Water Pipe Leaks
  3. Mildew or Musty Odors
  4. Roof Leaks
  5. Damp Basements or Crawl Spaces
  6. Discoloration of Walls
  7. Black Growth in Bathrooms

Mold Removal In Salina

Watching these things allows for mold removal to be almost unneeded, as you will be able to catch the problem and water damage issues before they get out of hand. However, if you do ever have any removal problems, be sure to contact your local team. Do not waste any time, and make sure to take care of the issue as soon as you can. And remember, do not panic. Mold may not be a fun thing to smell or see, but it can be taken care of as long as you are aware of what needs to be done! So what are you waiting for? Call today! 

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