Easy Home Winterizing Checklist Part 2

Most homeowners ignore their furnaces during the summer months, so today we’re going to give you an easy checklist to look over for the heating season.

First, Clean the Burner

Use a wire brush to remove any corrosion and soot buildup on the around the burners.  Shop Vac to remove the brushed free materials.  Inspect the burner and the surrounding housing for excessive corrosion or holes.  If you see damage, contact a professional for repairs.

Second, Replace the filter(s)

Forced air furnaces have a filter mounted at the blower to eliminate dust from the air that the furnace moves through the home.

Three, Vents

Clean the vent outlets around the house.  Shop vac out any dust or debris from all the vents.

Four, Check the burner

The burner flame needs to be uniform and blue while the furnace runs.  If after cleaning you see a yellow flame, it indicates imporper combustion.  Clean the burners more thoroughly and vac away any soot or debris.  If the burner needs adjusting, consult a professional.  This would involve tools that analyze the exhaust gases to determine the level of combustion.  Most of us don’t have that sort of thing lying about!  This will insure safe and effective use of your system.

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