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Are you having issues like exterior wall cracks, foundation cracks, uneven/sloping floors, and leaning or tilting chimneys? Addressing foundation cracks promptly is essential to protect from further damage and ensure the stability of your property. At Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair, we can maintain the  solid foundation and the structural integrity of your  building. You are not alone if you are experiencing foundation crack issues. We are here to help you repair your foundation in Manhattan, Kansas. Your home’s stability depends on a strong foundation, so why wait? Please schedule an appointment today and let us handle your foundation-related issues. 

Soil expansion due to too much water adds pressure to the foundation and can cause cracking. To avoid these issues, ensure water is not directed towards the home. Most homeowners and business owners excavate their properties to a grading of 6 inches in 10 foot slopes to ensure there is no standing water by the foundation. Downspouts should also be examined to ensure that they are effectively moving rain away from the home. The downspout should be five to ten feet away from the building.

If your downspouts aren’t that length, add extensions to ensure runoff goes far enough away from your foundation. Ensure that trees located near the home are removed before roots can grow under the foundation. If trees aren’t removed, the roots can push through the foundation and cause major damage, so take the necessary precautions to protect your structures.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Foundation problems can manifest in various ways, including:

  • If you notice that the floors in your home are uneven or sloping, this could be a sign of foundation issues.
  • Cracks in your walls or floors, especially those wider than ⅛ inch, can be a warning sign of foundation problems.
  • When your foundation shifts, it can cause your doors and windows to become misaligned, making them difficult to open or close.
  • If you see gaps forming between your walls and ceilings or floors, this can be a sign that your foundation is settling or shifting.
  • If you notice that your walls are starting to sag or bow, this is a sign that the foundation is not providing adequate support.
  • Cracks in the brickwork of your home’s exterior can indicate foundation issues.

If any of these signs are present, immediate action should be taken to prevent long term damage.

Our Foundation Repair Methods In Manhattan, Kansas

Weakened foundations are a threat to the structural integrity of your home and business, as well as to your own safety. Lamunyon Dry Out and Foundation Repair experts are trained in how to quickly and effectively resolve these issues and get your home back into shape. Some of the foundation repair methods we use are:

  • Piering System: These piers provide support and stability to the foundation and can help lift and level it back to its original position. Push piers are made of galvanized or epoxy-coated steel pipe and are drilled into the foundation with a hydraulic ram. Helical piers are like large screws.
  • Slabjacking: Slabjacking is a technique that involves injecting a mixture of sand, cement, and other materials under the foundation to raise it back to its original position. This is often used when a foundation has settled due to soil erosion or other factors.
  • Polyjacking: It is the use of polyurethane foam to raise concrete, fill voids and stabilize soil. The foam expands after filling the holes dried in the concrete slab.
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement: Carbon fiber strips can be applied to the interior or exterior of foundation walls to add strength and stability. This is often used for walls that are bowing or leaning.
  • Anchoring: This method involves installing anchors to pull the foundation back into place. These anchors can be made of steel or other materials and are placed deep into the ground surrounding the foundation.
  • Waterproofing: Sometimes, foundation issues can be caused by water damage or poor drainage. Waterproofing the foundation can help prevent further damage and stabilize the structure.

We utilize effective systems from SafeBasements that ensure that your foundation and property remain structurally sound for the safety of its occupants.

Best Foundation Repair Company Near You

Lamunyon Foundation Repair is committed to providing top-quality foundation repair services to our clients in Manhattan, KS, and the surrounding areas. We are:

  • Experienced technicians with years of experience in foundation repair
  • State-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and effective repairs
  • Affordable pricing and financing options
  • Outstanding customer service and satisfaction

Our Foundation Repair Services

At Lamunyon, we commit to offering complete foundation structural  repair services in Manhattan, Kansas.  Our team of qualified experts specializes in locating and fixing foundation issues, ensuring the security and durability of your home. We provide a comprehensive strategy for foundation repair with a dedication to high-quality work and client satisfaction. Some of the services that we provide are–

1. Foundation Settlement Repair

Uneven floors, cracks in the drywall, and other structural issues can result from foundation settlement. When the soil below a foundation expands, contracts, or shifts, it makes it difficult to support the entire structure and causes foundation settlement. Some of the different types of foundation settlement are–

  • Uniform Settlement – A structure or building may occasionally settle uniformly over time without developing cracks. When a structure is constructed on the same layer of soil up to the foundation depth, settlement of this type takes place but does not significantly affect the structure.
  • Tipping Settlement – With this kind, a particular portion of a structure sinks to a certain depth. It can bring down the entire building and do a ton of damage.
  • Differential Settlement – This kind of settlement happens when a structure is constructed on soil with various soil layers. As a result, different parts of the structure may settle differently, resulting in cracks on various building components. Differential settlement may, in extreme circumstances, result in the complete collapse of a building.

Some of the foundation settlement techniques that we use to restore your foundation are as follows–

  • Push Piers for Foundations 

Push piers help to stop cracks from growing in the foundation. For larger structures, they work fantastically. In some instances, these piers can lift a submerged foundation and permanently seal the gaps.

  • Helical Piers 

Helical piers, also known as screw piles, support your foundation by stabilizing it. These piers are set deep into solid soil to stabilize your foundation over the long term. Contractors use these piers, which are best for lighter structures, to lift foundations and return floors to their original positions.

  • Concrete Slab Lifting 

For homes with concrete slab foundations, these hassle-free systems work well. This method lifts and levels the concrete slab by injecting polyurethane foam into cracks beneath the foundation. 

At Lamunyon Foundation Repair, our specialists lift and stabilize the foundation using cutting-edge methods (steel push piers and helical piers) to deal with settlement issues and avert further harm.

2. Foundation Crack Repair

Not only are foundation cracks unsightly, but they may also be a sign of deeper issues. Some signs indicating foundation crack issues are cracked walls and floors, sticky doors, and leaky plumbing. Generally, there are two types of foundation cracks, and these are–

  • Non-structural cracks – The cracks are non-structural when a coin’s width is smaller, compromising the foundation’s structural integrity.  
  • Structural cracks – Structure-related cracks reduce the stability of the foundation and must be professionally repaired to prevent further damage.

We use cutting-edge epoxy injection techniques to seal cracks, prevent water infiltration, and reinforce the foundation’s structural integrity.

3. Bowing Wall Repair

The bowing or leaning walls indicate that the foundation is being severely pressured. Our team uses carbon fiber reinforcement and wall anchors to straighten and stabilize bowing walls and return them to their original position.

4. Uneven Concrete Leveling

Around your property, concrete that is sunk or uneven can present safety risks. Our professionals use polyurethane foam injection to lift and level sunken concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, and more, creating a secure and aesthetically pleasing environment.

5. Sagging Floor Repair

Support beams that are weak or have a settling foundation can cause sagging or uneven floors. We repair the evenness and stability of your floors using cutting-edge solutions like crawl space support jacks and beam reinforcement.

6. Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete cracks can affect a surface’s durability and aesthetic appeal. By using cutting-edge methods, we can strengthen and improve the appearance of concrete while halting further deterioration. Here are some of the methods that we employ to fix concrete cracks:

  • Slabjacking – “Slabjacking” is the practice of raising the foundation back to its original position by injecting a solution of sand, cement, and other materials underneath it. We use this technique frequently when soil erosion and other factors move the foundation. 
  • Polyjacking – We use polyurethane foam to raise concrete, fill voids, and stabilize soil. The foam fills the holes in the concrete slab and expands after drying. 
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement – We add carbon fiber strips to the interior or exterior of foundation walls to strengthen and stabilize the structure. We frequently use it on bowed or leaning walls.

Call us today for an estimate – we’d be happy to help with your foundation repair needs! Outside of foundation repair, we also offer basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, water damage restorationwater removal, and water mitigation throughout Manhattan, KS.

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