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If you have been the victim of any water damage problem, there is always the risk of mold growth between when the damage was caused, when it was located, and when the restoration service was performed. Mold growth can pose serious health risks and cause property damage if not treated properly. That’s why it’s important to seek professional mold services near me if you suspect mold growth in your property.

At Lamunyon, we offer a range of mold services to help our clients in Kansas identify, remove, and prevent mold growth.  Our experienced professionals use advanced techniques and equipment to provide accurate and thorough mold inspection and testing, and remediation services. We understand that mold growth can occur anytime, so we offer 24/7 emergency mold services in Kansas to ensure your property is safe and healthy.

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Mold Testing and Inspection

Mold testing and inspection are important for identifying and preventing mold growth in residential or commercial properties. Mold is a common problem with serious health implications, and it cannot be easy to detect and address without professional help.

Mold testing involves collecting samples and analyzing them to determine the presence and type of mold in the property, while mold inspection involves a thorough assessment of the property to identify areas of moisture and potential mold growth. Together, mold testing and inspection can help property owners identify and address mold issues before they become more serious problems.

We provide mold testing and inspection services in the following locations:

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is a process of removing and preventing the growth of mold in residential and commercial properties. Mold growth can have serious health implications, and it’s important to address the problem promptly to prevent it from spreading.

Our mold remediation services in Kansas involve various techniques and equipment to effectively remove mold and prevent it from returning. Whether you’re dealing with a small mold issue or a major infestation, it’s important to seek professional help for mold remediation in Kansas to ensure the safety and health of your property.

We provide mold remediation services in the following locations:

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