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One of the great things about living in the Midwest is the fact that you get to experience all four seasons. Pleasant, mild springs and autumns, snowy winters, and warm summers—what could be better?

But with the variations in weather come some dangers to your house. Things that seem pleasant on the surface (a gentle spring rain, or the first frost of the winter) can in fact wreak havoc on your Salina home. Water and structural damage are a real issue for homeowners everywhere, and taking steps to prevent or repair those damages is a key step towards making sure your home is in top-notch shape. Here are some common issues that basements face and how they can be remedied:

Leaking and Flooding

Water leaking into your basement can really put a damper on your good spirits. But our specialized basement waterproofing systems made by SafeBasements are capable of handling the 2.5 feet of rain you can expect every year in Salina. By utilizing a dual system including a water collection system and a sump pump, you can be sure that your basement will stay safe, clean, and dry year-round so that it will be ready whenever you need it.

Mold Growth

Besides getting water out of your basement, you might have other concerns relating to the lower levels of your home. Existing water damage and mold is dangerous as well as unsightly, so taking care of these issues as quickly and diligently as possible is important. We offer remediation services for both mold and water damage, so you can keep your residential or commercial space sparkling clean for any occasion.

Bowing Basement Walls

If your issues lie beyond water damage and into the realms of bowing walls or cracked foundations, never fear: we’ve also got solutions for that.

Bowing basement walls start out as a small problem, but also rapidly turn into a huge one. When a wall starts to bow, it will over time start to impact the foundational structure of the home. This can be quite catastrophic. To solve this, we install wall anchors that keep the walls in order.


If cracks in your basement wall are the problem, fear not! We know exactly how to address that, as well. By installing heavy-duty carbon strips over the wall, we prevent the spread of cracks. After that, the carbon strips are bonded to the concrete to form a tight seal, then attached to the footer and header to prevent future expansion.

Sinking Foundation

For a sinking foundation, we use foundation piering systems to raise the home back to its original position. Our foundation repair products are also designed by SafeBasements and are tested to withstand any forces the structure could place on them.

Lamunyon Basement Repair in Salina, Kansas

Since 1973, Lamunyon Dry Out and Foundation Repair has been keeping residential and commercial structures clean, dry, and safe. With our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you can rest easy, knowing that you have nothing to worry about in your basement. Contact us today to find out just what we can do for you!

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