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All buildings need steadfast foundations. Without a strong, sturdy foundation, your building may be in grave danger. Harsh Salina winters can lead to foundation failure. It may not happen overnight, but it is a possibility. The vast majority of buildings will require foundation repair to stay in their top condition. Lamunyon’s Foundation Repair in Salina, KS makes sure that our foundation problems are dealt with immediately, keeping your homes and commercial buildings safe.

Our dedicated team here at Lamunyon can help you ensure a healthy foundation now and in the future. No matter what your foundation needs are, you can count on us for foundation repairs in Salina.

Types of Foundation Damage

Here are the most common kinds of foundation damage to watch for:

  • Bowing Walls – Bowing walls are a pressing concern. Over time, the bowing will worsen, which threatens the structural integrity of your foundation. In the end, this leads to complete foundation failure. To combat bowing, we install anchors and pull the walls back straight. This halts bowing altogether.
  • Large Wall Cracks – You should never dismiss any wall cracks, whether they are long horizontal or tall vertical. A cracked foundation suggest structural issues, and they also let water enter your basement. Foundation crack repair protects your basement from water and helps address your foundation stability. To repair cracks, we use durable carbon fiber strips
  • Sinking Foundations – Due to soil conditions and changes, the foundation can settle. When this happens, foundations may sink down in one area. The pressure from sinking will make doors and windows much more difficult to open and close, as they will stick when you attempt to do so. Foundation settling can also cause cracks or worsen existing ones. If your foundation is settling, our foundation contractors use foundation piers to lift it back and help support it.

Reasons for Foundation Repair

Small foundation issues are normal, but you will want to address them quickly. Professional foundation repair restores the structural integrity of your foundation.

A failing foundation is a recipe for disaster. Foundation issues are progressive, only worsening over time. Once your foundation starts to fail it’s imperative to act fast. If the foundation fails completely, your building will cave in. Foundation repair addresses current issues and stops the damage from getting worse.

Foundation repair costs are nothing in comparison to the consequences it can cause in the long run. In the end, foundation repair saves you financially and mentally. If you wait for the damage to progress, it will become more serious and costly to handle. By addressing issues right away, you can prevent their progression and save yourself from more expensive repairs down the line.

Not to mention, Salina foundation repair helps you preserve your property’s value. Prospective buyers will look for foundation issues when looking at your home and will second-guess buying it if they notice any. Keeping your foundation in great condition will keep prospective buyers interested.

Hire the Best Foundation Repair Company in Salina

The experts at Lamunyon care deeply about keeping your Salina home or business standing for many years. Our team has the experience and knowledge to address your foundation problems efficiently and affordably. We only use the best repair products from SafeBasements to improve your foundation. To learn more about our foundation repair services and to get your free consultation, contact us today! Outside of foundation repair, we also offer basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, and water mitigation throughout Salina.

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