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One thing that can be said of Salina is that there is never a shortage of fun things to do and see. That is because this small, unassuming city is home to a rich community theatre, Tony’s Pizza Event Center, and several museums like Lakewood Discovery Center, the Smoky Hill Museum, The Central Kansas Flywheels Yesteryear Museum, and the Salina Art Center.

Despite our vast appreciation for art and museum displays, there is one thing that homeowners and business owners alike can agree they don’t want to find “on display” in their structures: mold growth. Below, we will cover what mold growth and inspection entail.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Factors like high temperatures, moisture, and porous building materials can contribute to mold growth and make it easy for mold to continue growing on the structure. That is why buildings already affected by mold need to be treated properly to ensure that mold growth is removed and measures need to be taken to prevent future mold growth.

Contributing factors to mold growth in basements, crawl spaces and attics are high humidity levels, water leaking or seeping, flooding, poor air circulation, condensation, poor ventilation, leaks/backups, dirt or sand floors (crawl spaces), excessive heat, unaddressed leaks and ventilation that empties into the wrong place (attics instead of outside).

Mold growth should be immediately addressed by homeowners and business owners alike, not just for the obvious potential of allergy or upper respiratory problems, but because mold issues point to underlying water issues that can serve to destroy the structural integrity of your building. This is why mold removal plans should always include moisture control tactics.

How Do You Tackle Mold Growth?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First, we need to see if you even have a mold issue in the first place, and then we must assess how bad the mold issue is.

Every inspection starts with a visual inspection and digital documentation to ensure that the homeowner/business owner can see the same things that the inspector is seeing. After that, thermal imaging can be used to detect moisture sources that cause mold growth, and then the inspector conducts moisture mapping to give you a full sense of the extent of the mold issue.

Once the mold evaluation is complete, the technician will compile their findings into an easy-to-understand mold evaluation report and give you an idea of the scope of work.

Lamunyon Mold Testing and Inspection in Salina, Kansas

Lamunyon’s mold testing and inspection experts know exactly what to look for when it comes to mold issues. We realize that mold issues don’t always come up according to the ideal time clock, so please call us as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment.

We also offer air quality testing for mold, surface mold testing, and inner wall mold testing (for when mold is suspected behind a wall or above a ceiling). We’ve been around since 1973 and are well-equipped to handle your mold testing and remediation needs. Please call today!

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