Spring To-Do List: Prep Your Home for Warmer Weather

With the weather warming up, it’s time to shake off the cabin fever and put that extra stored-up energy toward preparing your home for the spring and summer seasons. Regular maintenance is key to preventing and responding to regular wear and tear that happens with age, use, and weather elements. And getting started early means more lazy summer days to spend relaxing. So let’s get started!

Outside Spring To-Do List

Windows: Replace removable storm windows with screens, and clean dirt and allergen build up from interior and exterior glass as well as the window frame itself. If windows let cold air in during the winter or air-conditioned air out in the summer, consider replacing your windows with more efficient options.Yard drainage: One of the best ways to keep outside water from entering your basement is to grade your yard away from your home with the highest point at the foundation and leveling down from there. Gutters: Remove debris from gutters and downspouts to avoid clogs leading to water overflow, which can damage roofs and walls, and lead to flooding. Depending on spring storms, you may need to do this multiple times if trees drop sticks, leaves, and other exterior rubbish. Roof: Before the weather makes the roof too hot to top, clean debris from your home’s highest point. This is also a good time to inspect and repair shingles, flashing, and joints that may be showing signs of damage or cracking.  Siding and trim: Depending on your siding type, consider pressure washing away any mildew or dirt built up from the exterior. If needed, scrape away, sand, and repaint any peeling areas. For cracks or holes, patch the damaged areas, then touch it up with a matching paint color.Vents: When warm air gets trapped in your roof, it can make the rooms directly below more uncomfortable than other areas of the house. Make sure vents are open and replace damaged screen to keep out critters.Deck: In addition to cleaning away deck mildew with a pressure washer or a scrub brush and elbow grease, repair or replace any cracked deck boards. If nails or screws have popped up, hammer or drill them back in to avoid potential injury.Trees and shrubs: Cut back hanging limbs and overgrown shrubs from causing unnecessary damage to your siding, windows, and roof. Make sure sidewalks and other high traffic areas are also free of branches that can catch on clothing, hair, or body parts.Yard tools: Tune-up lawn mowers, sharpening its blade as well as the blades of other handheld yard tools used for gardening and yard maintenance.Outdoor furniture: For outdoor furniture stored in the winter elements, use a mild detergent to wash away debris and any mildew.

Inside Spring To-Do List

Ceiling fans: If you have ceiling fans, clean paddles of any dust and allergens. To make sure fans deliver cool breezes, change their directions to counterclockwise versus clockwise in fall and winter, which delivers rising heat back down into the room. Smoke detectors: If you didn’t do so as recommended at the spring-ahead time change, check and replace batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. When you fall behind later in the year, you’ll do this again. Air filters: If you have a central cooling system, keep your A/C running more efficiently while also keeping your house cleaner by replacing the furnace air filter every three months. To keep seasonal allergies at bay, try a high-performance allergen air filter. Basement: Inspect basement walls and window wells for cracks where rainwater or other exterior moisture can seep into the home. Air conditioning: Contract a licensed technician to service your air conditioner and inspect ductwork for any leaks that may cause your unit to operate inefficiently. Garage: Following a fall where leaves and debris blow in, then a winter where moisture can build up from melted snow carried in from cars, the garage needs a good cleaning. Sweep and pressure wash the floor of your garage, repairing any cracks in the cement. Check wood interior and exterior to make sure moisture hasn’t led to mold or rot, and that termites or animals haven’t done damage of their own.

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