Three Tips to Prevent Water Damage

By taking just a few preventative steps, you will save so much time and money, plus avoid the stress of dealing with water damage in your home. Here’s three suggestions to help prevent water damage in the future.


Everyone has appliances in the home: dishwasher, washer, dryer, and more. Depending on the quality of material used originally and the age of your property, these hoses can become cracked or split, causing leaks to happen unnoticed until it’s too late. Checking for old hoses now can save you quite a bit of money down the road, so set aside an hour or so one and go through your home. Usually, a simple hands-on test should be sufficient to determine if the hose needs replacement, and you can usually get inexpensive parts at your local hardware store.

The plumbing underneath your bathroom and kitchen sinks also need to be checked for wear and tear. This can be a little more involved than looking at the hoses, as you may need to check the washers inside the pipes as well as make sure they are still tightly fitted. If you suspect that a pipe may be loose or needs replacement, call a local handyman to take a look; it can save you a lot in the long run!


Most hot water heaters have a lifespan anywhere from 7 to 12 years. When water heaters are in need of maintenance or replacement, they begin leaking, emitting condensation or leaving puddles of water on the ground. If unchecked, these could lead to serious water damage in your garage or basement.  Check the type of heater you have and compare it to the age of the home, and reference any service requests for maintenance that may have been done prior to you moving in. If you see any signs of trouble, call a water heater technician to take a look, as water heater leaks can happen very quickly and are usually quite extensive.

Those are just a few tips to help you prevent water damage in the future. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with a water intrusion in your home. But if you do, please don’t hesitate to contact Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair for your water restoration needs! 

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