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Basements are often overlooked but common fixtures in most homes in Topeka. While you may not pay attention to your basement 24/7, it is there and it can still serve a valuable service: as storage, as a place to play, and so much more.

This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your basement to make sure it is not in desperate need of repair. You never know when you might want to finish your basement or if your basement is contributing to other structural problems.

Basement issues can range from anything from flooding to sinking floors and even wall cracks. Addressing them early is your best bet for preserving your basement. Even if you do not do much with your basement beyond basic storage, you need to keep it in top condition so that the rest of your home can stay steady.

If you’re looking for basement repairs in Topeka, KS, here are common basement repairs you need to know:

Common Basement Repairs

Basement is one of the most common areas in a home that require regular maintenance and repair. The structural integrity of your basement is vital for the overall stability of your home. If you’re experiencing any problems with your basement, such as water leaks, foundation cracks, or moisture issues, it’s essential to seek the help of a professional basement repair service.

With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise and tools to identify the root cause of the problem and provide efficient solutions to restore the safety and comfort of your home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common basement repairs and how a professional basement repair service can help.

1. Detailing and Fixing Cracks

Basements, as you might well imagine, are surrounded by soil and dirt from the ground that encapsulates it. Over time, those elements can put some serious pressure on your basement walls. By checking your basement for all of these cracks, you can be more proactive about filling them in.

2. Fixing Leaks

Walls cracks and leaks usually go hand in hand. As you can imagine, if your cracks get wider, you’ll end up with leaks whenever it rains. Fixing these leaks after the fact can prevent them from reoccurring and help you address your wall cracks.

3. Getting Rid of Bad Odor

Mold and harmful bacteria can contribute to a musty and grimy basement. Not only is that gross in and of itself, it can also spell trouble for your family’s health. By addressing things like cracks and leaks, you can prevent water from entering your basement. This prevents mold, thereby preventing bad smells.

Lamunyon’s Basement Repair Near You!

Your home feels more like home when your basement is in top condition. Even if you don’t plan on finishing your basement right away, we’re here to help you fix any outstanding issues. We have been doing this for many years and have at our disposal the tools required to do a thorough job. With that in mind, we always discourage people from trying to “DIY” their basement repair.

Whether you need foundation checks or your wall cracks to be filled, we’ve got it all. Topeka residents can also count on us to mitigate any water-related issues as well.

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