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As a resident of Topeka, Kansas, you understand that your home or business requires a solid foundation if it is to stand firm long-term. Unfortunately, it does not take much to compromise a foundation: the weather, the ground beneath it, even just the passage of time, and general wear and tear can cause damage.

That’s where the team of Lamunyon can help with your foundational needs. Boasting years of experience in this arena, we are ready to remedy any foundation problems that your home or business faces.

Signs of Foundation Damage

If you’re unsure about your weakening foundation, here are many common signs of foundation damage you need to look out for:

  • Foundation Settlements – While settling is natural, it can lead to severe structural problems in the long run, specifically large cracks and other integral damage. All this can lead to doors and windows sticking due to pressure. The Lamunyon team will resolve these issues by using foundation piers to lift the foundation back into place.
  • Bowed Walls – Bowing walls in any situation can signal serious problems with a foundation. This foundation problem suggests that your walls no longer provide structural support for your home or business. Bowing walls can result in complete structural failure. Our team can resolve this problem by installing wall anchors that correct the position of your walls. This installation prevents them from bowing any further.
  • Cracked Walls – Wall cracks are a huge signal of structural issues for any residential or commercial property. Whether they’re long horizontal or vertical cracks, you do not want to ignore them. Cracks indicate serious foundation problems, but also lead to water leaking into basements. Repair is important, which is why our team invests in ultra-strong carbon fiber strips to prevent further foundation damage.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

You can stop costly and dangerous foundation damage in its tracks by contacting repair experts right away. Having a professional assess foundation damage is critical for proper repair.

A failing or damaged foundation can pose a serious threat to your building’s integrity. Over time, foundation damage may escalate, leading to complete structural failure. By repairing your foundation, you can correct damage from worsening while improving your foundation’s structural integrity.

If you do not address the issue immediately, foundation repair can be much more expensive to handle down the line. Addressing foundation issues quickly will not only stop further damage, it will also save you money and time. Cutting cost and time and preventing more damage is the goal of foundation repair.

But the actual benefit of Topeka foundation repair is maintaining the value of your home or business. Foundation issues can make even the most enthusiastic prospective homebuyers hesitate. Repairing the foundation helps you to make the big sale and have happy buyers overall.

Lamunyon Foundation Repair in Topeka

At Lamunyon, we want to help you with your foundation repair needs. We offer our services at competitive prices, but we never skimp on quality. We also always choose premium repair products manufactured by SafeBasements to preserve your foundation. Above all else, we want to help you ensure your building’s safety. Give us a call today to get your free consultation! Outside of foundation repair, we also offer basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, and water mitigation throughout Topeka.

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