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Topeka is more than just a good place to dig potatoes. It is also a wonderful place to call home and raise a family. You can enjoy the four seasons in all of their glory. Topeka is also home to Reinsch Rose Garden and Doran Rock Garden, the Combat Air Museum, and Washburn University. Don’t forget the Children’s Discovery Center in Gage Park!

Speaking of discoveries, one discovery no one ever wants to find, whether it be in a home or place of business, is mold. However, mold is an unfortunate reality in places like Topeka, where the summers are humid and winters are cold and breezy.

There are many places in a building where mold can grow after a water disaster, even if the mold is not initially apparent to the home or business owner. For this reason, it’s important to have an expert take a look at the most common locations mold growth could occur. Experts provide the most comprehensive mold testing and inspection services.

Lamunyon Dry Out and Repair performs remediation services in a variety of areas within a home or commercial building, including attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Here is what you should know about each of these vulnerable areas of the home:

Mold in the Attic

Attics can be an ideal breeding ground for mold because conditions such as excessive heat, high humidity, and roof leaks contribute to the issue. Attics also tend to have ventilation and insulation problems that obstruct air circulation and allow moisture buildup. Sometimes fans and ventilation systems empty into the attic rather than outside as well, which only further worsens the issue.

Mold in the Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are also susceptible to mold because there’s a great deal of building material in a home’s crawl space. Too often, crawl spaces are built with undersized wall vents that can’t provide adequate ventilation for moisture control. On top of that, crawl spaces often have dirt or sand floors which emit moisture and water vapors.

Mold in the Basement

Basements are notoriously damp and have a high risk of water seepage through the foundation walls if there’s not a waterproofing system in place. Basements also tend to have poor ventilation, allowing mold to easily spread since the basement environment is highly conducive to mold growth.

Lamunyon Mold Remediation in Topeka Kansas

Lamunyon utilizes an 11-step process from start (mold assessment) to finish (cleanup) to ensure that your home is free of mold and that your family or place of business is protected from harmful mold spores. We set up containment barriers and use HEPA air filters and vacuums to ensure that air quality is never compromised during the mold remediation process.

If you’d like to inquire about our mold remediation services, please contact us today! Lamunyon’s mold remediation experts would be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Outside of mold remediation, we also offer basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, and water mitigation throughout Topeka.

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