Water Damage Prevention Checklist

A water logged ceiling or flooded basement is not something you want to come home to. The staff at Lamunyon wants to help you prevent any water damage disaster that can occur during the summer months. To start protecting your home you will want to start outside. Outside Areas That Need to Be Checked Gutters – You will want to check your gutters to make sure they are free of debris and any other blockage. A gutters sole purpose is to move water away from your home – without the ability to do so, water can overflow and make its way under your roofing and into your attic and ceilings. You do not want to wake up in the morning to the rhythmic sounds of dripping water. Downspouts – Just like your gutters your downspouts should be checked and cleared of debris. Downspouts need to extend away from your property to prevent water from pooling next to your property’s foundation. If water is allowed to pool next to the foundation it can cause cracking and eventually make its way into your basement or crawl space. Sprinklers – check your irrigation and sprinkler systems. Make sure your sprinklers are in working order and not spraying directly onto the exterior walls of your foundation. If you have sprinkler heads near your foundation make sure the sprinkler heads are not cracked or damaged – leaks from sprinkler heads can easily damage the foundation of your home. To ensure that your sprinkler or irrigation systems perform properly, blow out any water from water lines before shutting the systems off for the season. Landscaping – When planting trees or shrubs make sure you know where your water lines are. Tree and shrub roots can grow quickly overwhelming your water lines, causing major damage. If possible, slope your lawn away from your foundation to help direct the flow of water away from your home. After you have checked and performed maintenance on the outside of your property, it is time to make your way inside. That’s right, don’t think that the elements outside are the only threat to your home. It is just as common for water damage to come from inside the home as it is from the outside. Inside Areas That Need to Be CheckedAppliances – Inspect and maintain any appliances that are connected to a water line. Over time, seals and hoses can deteriorate and crack causing a slow undetectable leak. Even slow water leaks can cause massive amounts of water damage is left unchecked. Washing Machine – Washing machines are among the top causes of water damage. If you have any brittle, bent, cracked, or leaky washing machine hoses you should replace them immediately. Air Conditioner – Air conditioners are another major culprit in water damage disasters. Air conditioning units should be regularly checked for any signs of freezing, or leaks, especially during summer months when your unit is working nonstop. Plumbing – Clogged sinks, tubs, or sinks are inevitable. Chances are that you have used powerful drain cleaners in the past to clear out clogged drains. However, as convenient as they are, drain cleaners are chalk full of chemicals that can cause your pipes to corrode, making your plumbing system prone to leaks. Consider using a drain snake in place of harsh chemicals, they are relatively inexpensive and a great alternative solution. For complete flood damage restoration tips and services, contact certified professionals like Lamunyon.

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