Water Damage Restoration Tips When Water Leaves The Bathroom

Bathtub or shower leaks are wasteful and become very expensive to correct. How can you find the leak in your tub or shower enclosure? Here are a few steps you can do to determine if it’s an easy fix you can do yourself or if you’ll need a) the help of a plumber to stop the leak or b) a visit from Lamuyon for water damage restoration needs.

Water Damage Restoration In Lamuyon

To identify the source of the leak, there are a few different places the tub or shower might leak:

  • Faucets
  • Seals
  • Grout (around the sides of the tub)
  • Drain
  • Pipes
  • A Misaligned Shower Door
  • Overflow Outlet
  • Shower Drain Pan 

Is there a simple solution? If your drain is leaking, you can get a temporary fix for it by buying a drain plug that can hold off the water a little more securely. Or take apart a leaky faucet to clean up any deposits or buildup with vinegar.  

If the drain seems well-sealed and the grout is fine, then the leak is more than likely coming from the pipes themselves, underneath the bathtub. However, by the time you find a more complicated leak, you may already have significant water damage to your walls, floors and inside the walls.

Clogged Drains

Dirt, grease, soap, and hair can add up to a backed up shower drain. The blockage remains since the water can’t adequately go down, and the composition of the blockage creates an inviting space for mold to grow.  As the dampness increases, the dark, humid area can become a magnet for mold spores. And since you can’t see them until the damage is done, the restoration process is often more costly.

A Tiny Bathtub Might Be a Sign…

A pipe leaking under your bathtub may or may not be a big deal; but if one pipe is leaking, it’s often a sign that others are, too. Since your water lines are probably all the same age, if you notice a weakness in one pipe, it’s very likely in others, too. And some of those pipes could cause serious damage to your home. Call Lamunyon to get ahead of water damage now, before it progresses. 

When moisture is a problem in your bathroom space, you could be inviting a host of other problems into your home such as mold growth, rodents, pests, and insects. Long-term moisture problems or problems that go undetected for a long time can even cause severe structural damage to your home.

These water damage restoration professionals provide a range of services to help home and business owners who have been affected by a disaster. Whether it is a fire, a flood, a mold problem, or a crumbling foundation, our water damage cleanup experts know how to properly provide the necessary clean up procedures as well as how to start putting the pieces back together. Whether this means taking care of mold that may be growing or replacing damaged walls and flooring, these water damage restoration experts are here to help.

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