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Basement Waterproofing in Kansas

Does your basement flood after heavy rains? Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, this is a very serious problem that simply cannot be ignored. This is often an indication that your basement does not have a waterproofing system installed, or that there is a problem with your existing system that is allowing water to enter.

Every basement is unique, and there isn’t any single problem that contributes to basement floods. Typically, we see that an inoperable sump pump, cracks in the walls or foundation, or improper grading and drainage can all allow rainwater or thawing snow to penetrate the foundation and enter your basement.

If you have been experiencing ongoing water intrusion in your basement, it’s likely that you’ll have water damage or mold growth that will need to be taken care of in addition to installing a basement waterproofing system. Make sure all areas are thoroughly dried. Mold testing may be recommended to determine if there may be mold growing unseen.

A leak is easily identified as a continuous amount of water that enters your basement through a crack or opening. Leaks often occur at wall cracks, floor cracks, or pipe openings that were not properly sealed. Leaks can also occur due to concrete deterioration and cove joints if the damage is severe.

Seepage is a slow leak that is often indicated by water dripping down walls, visible moisture spots, wet or damp floors, water dripping from the ceiling, and more. Seepage can also occur at the cove joint where the wall meets the floor, especially when the water table rises allowing water to slowly creep into your basement.

How Does Water Get Into My Basement?

After a heavy rain or due to poor drainage, water can enter your basement through cracks or weaknesses in your foundation. The result of hydrostatic pressure, water is essentially pushed through those cracks and into your basement.

Hydrostatic pressure occurs when water is below the surface, and the weight of the ground and added water to the soil results in increased weight and pressure on the water below the surface. This forces the water into cracks and into your basement.

How Can I Fix a Wet Basement?

The best way to resolve basement water issues is to install a complete basement waterproofing system. This provides the best results long-term, and protects your basement from water damage. Waterproofing systems include installing a drain tile, sump pumps, and, on some occasions, a dehumidifier. Lamunyon can find solutions for all types of basement water issues including water logging, cracks, puddles, and deterioration of concrete. Let our professionals find a permanent solution with one-time repairs to finally resolve your water problems. Invest today in a complete waterproofing system to protect your home from water damage and even create a living space that will be comfortable and healthy.

Why Do I have White Powder Showing Up On My Basement Walls?

That white powder is less commonly known as efflorescence, a salt residue that often appears as a fuzzy white growth on concrete and masonry block foundations when a moisture problem is present. Efflorescence can easily be removed, but unless the water problem is resolved it will likely return and can result in deterioration of your basement walls. Let Lamunyon find a solution to your moisture problem, protecting your basement and your home from water damage.

How Does Lamunyon Fix Wet Basements?

We us a combination of the following methods and products to restore your basement to a dry, healthy environment:

Water Diversion

Using a unique, multi-flow drain tile system installed along the perimeter of the basement, we can effectively divert water away from your basement walls and to a sump pump that removes the water. The drain tile system we use is the most advanced system available, and utilizes a perforated pipe filled with rock to capture and divert water. The pipes collect water, and allow it to drain toward the sump pump. This type of system is a semi-sealed encapsulation system, which can help prevent soil gasses like Radon and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from entering your basement. If you require a sealed system to mitigate Radon gas and VOCs, we can evaluate your needs and provide specific recommendations for your basement.

Drain System

This type of drain is installed along the wall in your basement, and has a low-profile, wide design that allows for concrete to be installed over the top of the drain. This drain system works to prevent water intrusion by preventing hydrostatic pressure through the use of a rubber seal on the back that presses into your basement wall to drain away water.

Sump Pump and Battery Back-up

Sump pumps work to drain water away from your home, reducing erosion and improving indoor air quality. At Lamunyon, the sump pumps we install are energy efficient and work in combination with other basement waterproofing products to create a permanent solutions for your basement water issues. Installing a sump pump with a battery backup ensures that should your home lose power, the sump pump will continue to operate, keeping your basement dry.


Dehumidifers work to manage unwanted moisture in your home. Our professional-grade dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air, maintaining healthy humidity levels and eliminating condensation concerns. The humidifiers we use are efficient and can be used in combination with a MERV 11 filter to also remove pollen, dust, dander, mold, and other allergens from the air. Ultimately, this creates a healthier environment and results in better indoor air quality, especially in cases where your furnace is located in the basement.

Is there a Warranty on Basement Waterproofing?

Yes! Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair proudly offers a Lifetime Warranty on Drain Tile/Basement Waterproofing systems. The system installed by us will prevent groundwater from entering the basement of the premises for the lifetime of the existing structure. Our warranties are also transferable, so you have future peace of mind too. For full details, ask your specialist or call us today.

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