What Is Mold And How Is The Removal Process?

Everyone has heard of it. It usually has a bad connotation connected to it (for a good reason, too, at least if it’s found in your home, that is). When you see or notice mold, however, it’s nice to know what you’re up against. So, back to the question, what is mold?

Mold is part of the fungi family. It can grow anywhere indoors and outdoors. However, it particularly likes dark, damp places. Mold spores float around in the air, we all have been exposed to them at some point or another, but these mold spores find a good place to lodge, and then they multiply and grow into what we know as mold. In places where it’s humid, such as Salina, mold can find its way to grow in a nice home. It takes nothing more than consistent condensed water droplets on the air conditioner or a regularly steamy bathroom for mold to make a home.

Mold Removal In Salina

Health Issues Caused by Mold

Mold can cause health issues. Not only can it begin to smell really bad but for those who are allergic or have underlying health conditions such as asthma can become very sick from being exposed to mold. Even to an overall healthy person, mold can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, skin, and lungs. 

What to do When you Find Mold in Your Home

Once mold has begun to grow in your home, you have a problem. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the problem until the mold has already started growing through your drywall or covering a large space that trying to remove the mold yourself is an impossible task. To remove the mold safely and entirely, a professional mold removal team, like those at Lamunyon in Salina, should be called to come fix the problem. “Do it yourself” methods can leave some stones unturned, making it possible and most likely for the mold to continue growing and can be unsafe for you.

Mold Prevention

Rather than waiting for the mold to come to us and cause a problem before we even think about it, it is better to already be doing things that will prevent mold from growing in your home. The one thing better than having someone come to remove mold from your home is to not have mold in your home at all. 

Some ways to prevent mold growth is to ensure that damp areas are kept dry. Dry all wet surfaces quickly to be sure that it doesn’t sit and allow mold to grow. As well in warm, humid weather, keep air conditioners and dehumidifiers going to keep the humidity in the home relatively low and open doors or windows to keep air circulating. Fix any leaks there may be in your pipes or elsewhere that may be getting certain areas wet. 

One area of the home that isn’t usually thought of but is a favorite of mold is the crawl space. Be sure to check the crawl space for any moisture that may be sitting there and try to get air flow inside the crawl space as well.

All in all, mold isn’t a bad thing as long as it stays outside with all of its other fungi friends. We can do our part to prevent mold from growing in our homes. If it does, we won’t allow it to stay for long. It doesn’t belong there. Call a professional mold removal team, like the experts at Lamunyon, and it will be taken away swiftly.

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