Winter storms and Water Damage: How to Protect your Commercial Property from Freezing Temperatures

Winter in Kansas can bring on brutal temperatures and unforgiving winter weather. Winter storms can cause damage to commercial properties in various ways, including frozen pipes, mold, and roof damage. While these issues can cause major destruction, it isn’t a lost cause!

Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair specializes in commercial water damage and will quickly get your business up and running as normal with minimal disruption. Taking winter water damage seriously is the start to preventing major water damage to your property. Here are a few ways to plan accordingly for the most common winter water hazards.

Frozen Pipes 

​Just as frozen pipes can affect your home, commercial properties can suffer from the same fate. Wrapping pipes against bitter cold temperatures can keep them insulated from the bitter cold, but it won’t always keep them from freezing.

Older buildings may have drafty areas where pipes are exposed to freezing temperatures. If the heat is not turned on early enough in the winter, or is shut off too soon, these pipes can freeze and burst, potentially causing water damage to the structure.

At times, winter can surprise property owners by arriving early, and not giving proper time to winterize the property!

When pipes freeze, ice inside starts to expand, and the built up pressure causes the pipes to crack and burst. In addition to no water due to frozen conditions, a burst pipe can lead to water damage and flooding. If the pipe is not discovered right away it can also lead to mold damage, which is a problem that should be dealt with quickly, and by a professional. 

Roof Damage

​Roof damage is another hazard that winter can bring upon your commercial property. The harsh winter weather can cause roof damage in a few different ways. Snow and ice can gather on your gutters, causing them to overflow and your roof to begin leaking.

The extra weight from snow and ice that gathers on your roof can become too much for the structure, and the roof may start to collapse under the extra weight.

If the weather is particularly cold, water can gather into cracks and spaces on your roof (think between shingles or roofing panels). Once the water freezes, it will expand creating larger cracks and potentially serious damage.

Ice Dams

​Ice dams are formed when snow and ice begins to melt, but melts unevenly on your roof. If it does not melt completely, and refreezes, a “dam” forms, preventing any more melted snow from draining easily off the roof. Standing water can lead to water backup, which can become minor leaks, or more serious water damage to ceilings, walls, etc.

While winter can bring on many different hazards that could lead to water damage, your commercial property can be prepared if an emergency strikes. During the winter months, watch for small signs of water damage, and potential mold problems, and call the professionals at Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair at the first sign of trouble.

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