Have you checked your oven?

Some folks have the habit of storing large plastic bowls or containers in their ovens.  This usually isn’t a problem…until they forget about it and turn the oven on.  If they catch it soon enough, they can clean up the mess – it’s hard, but they can Google enough information on the web to find out how to clean up burnt-on plastic.  However, what about when the plastic ignites?  It’s amazing how such tiny pieces of burnt plastic can end up all over your home!  We’ve had this happen so many times, we’ve lost count.  The distressed homeowner calling in a panic (usually this happens around the holidays and just before company is scheduled to arrive!) asking what to do and how can we fix this FAST???  First of all, if you go after the ash with a wet cloth on your walls, you can make it MUCH worse.  A remidiation company will use industry approved “chem sponges.”  These are not laced with a chemical but use static electricity to pull the soot off the walls onto the sponge and prevent you having to paint!  Everything in the affected area will need to be wiped down as the soot will easily transfer if touched and moved around.  If this ever does happen to you or someone you know, call Lamunyon’s as soon as possible.  We’ll be in and out quickly, getting your life back to normal.  Lamunyon’s Cleaning and Restoration, The Calm After the Storm!

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