Kitchen Safety

Working around your home kitchen can be, for some, very therapeutic.  To gather family and friends together and enjoy good food and company is an enjoyable pastime in today’s hectic society.  However, at times, we forget the dangers involved in the kitchen with either open flame or high heat.  Distractions can cause us to forget what we’re doing, become careless in our actions, and result in injury to ourselves or damage to our homes.  The initial response to a fire or smoke loss can, at times like, include panic, fear, anger, and then, after the initial shock has worn off, an overwhelming helplessness.  Where do you start?  How do you even BEGIN to make this all right?  How do you secure the home?  What about the safety of the rest of the family and pets?  Can you live in the “mess?”  The first thing you need to do after calling the fire department, if necessary, is call your insurance agent.  They will begin a claim and send out an adjuster.  The second thing you will need to do is choose a Remediation Company.  A lot of times with a fire loss, you also have the water from fire hoses to deal with!  So now there are TWO messes to clean up – do you see why you don’t want to do this on your own?  Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair has certification and training from a wide variety of industry leaders, giving us the know-how and equipment needed to get the job done QUICKLY.  As one Customer told me this afternoon, ‘Initially, we were so despondent.  But after you folks came in…we have nothing but good things to say!  Everything is good!  Not a bad word, what a great bunch of workers!  We are very VERY happy!’  To be able to say that while your house is still torn up is a great compliment!  A water or smoke loss is a tremendous stress on a family.  Let us take some of that stress away and help get your lives back to normal quickly!

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