Sewer Backups 101 (part two)

This is a continuation of our Emergency Procedures of Sewer Backups
Before trying to take care of the “mess,” potential health and safety hazards must be identified and, if possible, eliminated prior to restoration. What about the risk of shock hazards or gas leaks? Turn off circuit breakers to the wet area; unplug and remove any small electrical devices in the area affected. Turn off your gas if necessary. Keep pets and children OUT of the affected area until the area is properly cleaned.  You don’t need them walking through the mess and contaminating the rest of the house OR getting themselves sick. Operate a wet vac only when plugged into a ground fault interrupter or ground fault-equipped outlet. Remember, mold growth can begin almost immediately, so a successful restoration depends largely on speed! Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair can get you back to normal with safe, effective, and FAST service! 

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