Sewer Backups Part Four

Can you imagine the feelings of the homeowner coming down into the basement and seeing this?  What are some things needing immediate consideration?  First of all, turn off the power to the area.  What about appliances and your furnace, if it’s located in the affected area?  At times water can be high enough to involve a motor on a furnace or electrical appliances. If so, call a reputable electrical repair business to inspect it. Many times, if cared for promptly, the motor can be dried w/out incurring any damage to it. Transport computers to a dry environment, and contact a repair facility.
Floor tile will remain secure if the water is removed immediately, otherwise the water dissolves the adhesives. Anything consisting of wood: paneling, furniture or other wooden objects will check, separate, stain or warp if left wet.  These need to be dried immediately to not only save but to prevent the growth of mold.

Consider calling professionals like Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair!  Our proven drying techniques will get your life back to normal as soon and as SAFELY as possible!

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