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Waterproofing Your Basement To Avoid Major Cleanup Costs

Insurance industry numbers show that 97% of basements will end up sustaining some type of water damage, and it’s no surprise since basements are, by definition, the lowest area of...

Why Is My Basement Wet In The Winter?

Winter temperatures can plummet below freezing causing water to freeze in the ground. Water that is in the ground can enter small cracks in your foundation and, unfortunately, freeze. When...

Do You Suspect A Basement Water Problem?

Kansas homes can easily develop moisture problems. Water in the basement can lead to mold, musty smells, damaged walls and floors, and ruined furniture and belongings. It's necessary to get...

Importance Of Basement Waterproofing

It first appears as a tiny trickle or small puddle. Perhaps you first notice a lingering musty smell. Moisture in your basement can lead to an array of costly and...

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