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Customers Service Training

This week our staff took some time to participate in a class designed to enhance our Customers service skills.  We strive to provide the best Customers service we can for our Customerss.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is a cost effective investment that will help protect your home. Crawl spaces tend to be great places for bugs to hide and can provide the dark damp conditions where many pests are found. They can also have high humidity levels which make a great environment for mold spores to attach and […]

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4 Types Of Mold Commonly Found In Homes And What To Look Out For

Mold is certainly one of the grossest things you can find in your home. Because of its nasty appearance, many homeowners go into a panic upon finding mold in their home. A common misconception is that if you have mold in your home you’re likely to develop serious health problems. Most mold only causes minor respiratory […]

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Preventing Home Water Damage

Preventing home water damage can feel time-consuming, but it definitely beats the alternative. Taking the right preventative measures can save you from the headache of a disastrous water loss. Though professional water damage crews have the tools needed to handle any water damage crisis, it’s always best to try to keep damages from occurring in the first place. Whether […]

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Problems Overhead: What’s Causing Your Ceiling Damage?

mold remediation company salina

Only second to your roof, ceilings provide much needed overhead protection from the elements, extreme temperatures, and debris floating in the air. They also hold insulation in and keep unsightly beams and pipes undercover. While you may not give your home’s ceilings much thought day to day, when they start to show signs of damage, […]

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6 Home Improvement Projects to Finish Before Fall

Labor Day may not be the first official day of fall, but for many it feels likes the unofficial end to summer. While warm days are sure to follow the holiday weekend, they are certainly numbered. Before long the air will turn crisp, the leaves will fall, and snow will be in future forecasts. Take […]

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Carpet Mold: Is Unhealthy Filth Lurking Beneath Your Feet?

There are lots of benefits to having carpeted floors in your home: energy-saving warmth, decor aesthetics, low maintenance, reduction of falls, and overall comfort. Carpet can also be help to trap dust and allergens until vacuumed, which can be easier on your respiratory system versus kicking up contaminants from wood and laminate floors into the […]

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Water Damage from Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems offer reliable and affordable fire protection to your commercial properties. Not only do sprinkler systems prevent lives and property losses from fires, but also save millions of dollars to business owners by way of tax deductions, code and ordinance compliance, insurance savings, and the ability to continue business as usual. But for as […]

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Water Damage Prevention Checklist

A water logged ceiling or flooded basement is not something you want to come home to. The staff at Lamunyon wants to help you prevent any water damage disaster that can occur during the summer months. To start protecting your home you will want to start outside. Outside Areas That Need to Be Checked Gutters – You will want to check your […]

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Washing Machine Overloaded or Overdue?

A homeowner recently told us that she had left her house after turning on the washing machine, only to return 30 minutes later and discovered it was still filling up with water. Sadly for this homeowner, a broken water supply line caused extensive damage not only to the laundry room, but also to the ceiling, […]

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