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Spring into Undoing Winter Damage

As snow and ice give way to flower buds, grass sprouts, and sunshine, it’s time to take a fresh look at the shape of your home. Winter, with its cold...

Stop Winter from Wrecking Your Foundation

You might not often associate wet basements with winter, as spring, summer, and fall are typically when rainfall is at its highest. But just because cold temperatures turn the wet...

Why Are My Basement Walls Bowing?

Barring an unconventional, artistic approach to home design, walls are meant to be flat and level. When walls begin to round out--or “bow”--there’s likely something more problematic happening to the...

Surviving a Smoky Mess

Surviving a Smoky Mess: What if you have a 'protein fire/smoke loss?' The homeowner who's turkey didn't survive called Lamunyon's. The reason it's so difficult to clean up after this...

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